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Who Are We

The Survivor Coalition Project is a coalition of mission-driven organizations united under one cause: to support survivors and those experiencing domestic violence during this pandemic. Together, we are a global network 195,000 strong and growing every day!

The Problem

Abuse rates have skyrocketed under COVID-19 as a result of stay at home orders that have trapped survivors with their abusers and job loss that has increased financial stresses.

Campaign Objectives

Primary: Raise $250,000 to get financial support to those currently experiencing interpersonal violence in the form of $250 grants.

Secondary: Generate conversations online about supporting survivors to encourage allies of survivors to sign our letter.

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Please consider donating to this survivor safety fund. Every dollar of your donation will go directly to helping survivors. These microgrants will help with rent, groceries, medicine and other critical needs. Often, a deciding factor that leads a survivor to stay in an abusive relationship is a lack of financial security. Providing survivors with financial independence can be a life-changing opportunity for them. Thank you for your support.

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Sign the Letter

Your voice matters as much as your donation. Please consider adding your signature to our open letter. The first step in making our communities safe for survivors is to raise awareness, and by sharing this letter, you can help build momentum for this campaign and future actions of this coalition.

The Letter